Network Access Control – How it Can Work for You

Security is a “must” in most anything we have or do in order to maintain that peace of mind we need from day to day.  When it comes to computers, a computer networking solution that is effective or working aptly for you may be what you need exactly and this is what Network Access Control or NAC is.  It works by using a set of protocols which creates the definition and implementation of a policy describing means to secure access to network nodes in case devices should attempt to do so.

This particular security should work for you in that it rids of possible unwanted use or entry to your network by others which when not prevented could harm your own or other computers linked to your network.  Although it somehow brought about some controversies NAC solutions maintain its stand of being useful in that it effectively eradicates cross-contamination of computer worms.  Through NAC, there is identity and access management which many who maintain computer networks are thankful for.  Network operators are also given the free-hand by NAC solutions at deciding which policies to implement in their routers, switches and network middleboxes. A strange incident happened to me while trying bring my NAC storage back online. I wear several goldchains everyday to work and one of them slipped off my neck and fell between the machines. The network node went down for a couple of minutes because of that gold neckless! 

In understanding what the goal of network access control is and how it functions, any network operator is likely to benefit from this kind of security solution.  It is also in realizing the damage that unwanted access or any sort of intrusion can bring to your private network that you can see how NAC truly works for you and your kind of need.        

What Does Network Access Control Prevent?

Companies whether they may be small or a big one will always have secrets within their premises and thus needs utmost protection. These secrets are high level information which no other company should know because they might take advantage of such. So to do that they have to put up some measures to protect the high level information that they have within levels and levels of precautions that will be hard to crack. One of those protective software that they will use will be the network access control. So what does it protect you from? What kind of outside elements will it push away from spying in the company?

Due to the private network used within the network, it can at least prevent medium to low level type of hacking. That is better than nothing at least. Since it is just within the walls of the buildings of the companies then it can’t get out from it. It will just circulate within and no information will leak outside. Another thing is virus will be kept to a minimum since everything will be done inside the company. Outside elements like USB gadgets and such will have tight security measures done to these gadgets. If there is a virus that could invade the network then it should be a mistake from one of the employees and not within the network.

Network access control is that efficient when it comes to medium security measures. If you want a high level security measure though then leave it to the experts in tech security.

Why Companies Use Network Access Control

In companies they would email each other with instructions and any information to be used for the subordinates or workers within the building. They would only broadcast that within the whole building or only within the company and not through the whole world because they might contain company secrets. So to do that they would have their own network where only company employees and staff can access the email within the buildings they own. To do that the IT department would have installed something that could control everything within their grasp. That would be then the network access control.

This would act as a control center for the network used within the company. Only those with access to it can email or add or delete data from company drives. There would be different types of ranks for the employees, staff, the IT department and the higher ups and no outsider will be able to access it. It is the job of the IT department that it stays that way and would improve security so that no one can ever enter it. A network access control can be a good foundation for that and a myriad of other programs can enhance the security system further.

Most operation systems have their own structure for network access control and that can be used by any person who could purchase or acquire it. It would be useful for any kind of business but if it is a bigger company, their very own network access control is needed.

Network Access Control

Network Access Control can be likened to a computer network security that will consolidate the computer security technology in a network, and it consists of anti-virus computer security, incursion or intrusion prevention system for the host network, and also assessment of its vulnerability. Usually, NAC or Network Access Control will use a set of protocols in implementing this solution and secure access to the computer network with some devices used. Network Access Control may also implement the use of automatic remedial methods before allowing access to the computer network system. This will allow the computer infrastructure to have a secure operation with the use of the routers, the switches, and also the firewalls, including the servers and other computing equipment.

This can mean that when a computer connects to a computer network, the Network Access Control policy will take place and should be implemented, and the computer will not be allowed access to the network unless it complies with the NAC policy. The computer requesting access is first checked with software installed, remedial actions taken and resolved, and after it passes through and policy met, it will then be allowed access to the network. This is often used by computer networks for computer health checks, making sure that no viruses or worms can enter because these can contaminate the system.

The goal of the Network Access Control policy is for computer network security and nothing more. This is for prevention for contamination of computer end stations without anti-virus security provisions, even if within the same company or belonging to the same computer network.

All about Creating a Network at Home

It is one thing to have a stable network at work but it is even more significant that you have a secure network to rely on. It is important to know that all the information and files that you have in the network are protected from people who may be able to access them and use it for their own advantage.

The best way to deal with this is to have a NAS or Network Access Server. This is a specialized server that analyzes the incoming traffic to the server by checking the credentials of the users. The only objective is to make sure that every user is indeed allowed to access the network. Staying late into the night monitoring the network creates bags under the eyes.

There are a number of NAS hardware that you can find from various vendors. There are those that are low end and can take only 100 users while there are others that can handle 500 users. This simply depends on the vendor and your budget.

One thing that you can do with your network at home is that you can make use of network access storage devices. With these you will have the option to attach scanners, printers and the likes to the network that would make it useful for everyone. You can also share files and folders with some common information that is helpful for the entire network. You also have the choice to make use of SATA or USB or Firewire.

It helps a lot to prepare your home before you set up this network storage and access.

The Importance of Network Security

Setting up a network of computers is a very common practice in various types of organizations.  Whether such organization is business-oriented or not, the general purpose why such network is established is to guarantee convenient communication, file sharing, and operation of commonly used devices that rely on computers.  As organizations strive to be automated, networking also becomes an imperative.  However, it is not enough that such systems are set up.  This is because these are also vulnerable to damages.  The said damages could be intentionally or unintentionally done. Therefore, as soon as these are created, the means of securing these should also be built.

When the concept of computer networks was still new, its security may still have been deemed as unnecessary.  This is simply because anyone who may be interested in rendering damage still does not have the technology to realize his plans.  However, nowadays, there are already many individuals who have actually learned how to break into the systems and manipulate or destroy these.  Due to such threats, it has become imperative to build a system that is meant to protect the network primarily from intrusion.  There may be two different ways that this could be done.  First is to protect the network from viruses and, second, is to make hacking impossible. On a personal note getting the network secure from attack has saved me a stroke many a nights.

Without network security, any individual would surely have no problems in accessing information that could be used against the organization that possesses it and further his own interest.  This is, of course, something that the said organization dreads so much.  The more computers are involved in the network the more vulnerable the network also becomes from information theft.  This is the reason why network security should not only be established but also strengthened.  There should be no way that the accessing of information of unauthorized personnel becomes possible.

It is not just information theft that organizations with computer networks should worry about.  It is true that most breaches into the system are done because of this.  However, another threat that is worth mentioning is actual sabotage.  A government network of computers could be manipulated in order to make it inaccessible and this could affect all the agencies and individuals using it.  As a result, it is government operation itself that becomes problematic.  The same thing could happen in a private institution, such as a business corporation.  A rival company may try to render incapable another by sabotaging its network.

Obviously, the establishment of a system that protects a network is of utmost importance.  This should be a practice that should be carried out as soon as the network is created.  If an organization wishes to continue operating and achieve its goals without encountering too many problems based on its own computer network, it should do its best to protect itself from saboteurs and rivals.  There could be many ways to do so but when it comes to its computer networks, setting up a network security is definitely a must.  It is the only way that it could guarantee smooth and productive operations.

Networks and Internet Marketing

When it first became a public domain, the internet was considered merely as a source of many kinds of information. If people wished to get information about anything under the sun, all they have to do is to learn these by accessing the internet.  Nowadays, however, it no longer functions just as such.  It is now being used also to connect to as many people as possible while solving the usual issues of distances.  One of the most concrete proofs of this is internet marketing.  Through internet marketing, people from all over the world have been connected in order to pursue businesses.  However, due to the very fact they come from different parts of the globe, the necessity for networks has also become more pronounced especially with all the eyeballs on this problem some of them sunken.

Networks are very important features in internet marketing.  It is almost impossible for internet marketing to continue operating without a system of computers that are inter-linked through a distinct method.  For those involved in it, the need for networks is definitely pronounced.  Marketers who are connected through a strong network are known to be more effective in performing their tasks.  Therefore, their productivity is almost always at its optimum. Those who do not enjoy the advantages offered by networks, on the other hand, tend to be less productive.

The most prominent advantage that internet marketers experience when they are networked is in the aspect of communication.  Apparently, communication is a very important matter when it comes to internet marketing.  In fact, it is impossible for one to market anything at all if he is poor in terms of communication skills.  With a network, however, most problems related to communication are solved.  This means that people could relay messages to each other in the most convenient manner.  Whether these are done through written or audio messages, the network would definitely increase their capabilities in internet marketing.

However, there are also some problems that may arise due to networks.  Since the internet is a very accessible avenue for communications.  It is very likely that there are people would intrude and sabotage this line of communication.  In a fiercely competitive business environment, such acts could actually happen.  This is the reason why there should be efforts done that are meant to protect the said networks from intrusion.  Security must also be established.  This is particularly true because internet marketing usually involves transactions involving cash online.  Without such protective measures, an internet marketing business could become incapacitated.

There is no doubt that the networks and internet marketing complement each other.  However, it is the networks that contribute more to the advancement of internet marketing.  It is through networking that many internet marketing businesses have been established in the first place. On the other hand, internet marketing businesses who wish to grow despite the competition should consider network systems to be imperatives too.  As mentioned already above, the networks provide added advantage to the internet marketing business.  Its contribution to better or more improved communication is just one of the many benefits that it offers.

How to Choose the Right Network for Your Business

A network of computers is now considered as a basic requirement for any business entity.  This is especially true for those that are big, covering a greater number of computers, equipment, and individuals.   If your business already has more than a handful of computers and related devices, it would indeed be necessary to have such network.  However, because you are not an IT expert, you may find it difficult to determine which system you should have.  This is why you should consider learning how to choose the right network for your business.  The general objective is to make your operations better.

One of the first things that you should look into is the capability of the network to protect itself from intrusion.  It is expected that you would have a lot of rivals in your business.  All these competitors would certainly be interested in getting information through hacking your system, especially if this serves their purpose of beating you in the market.  Of course, you would not allow yourself to be beaten because this would basically mean losing a substantial amount in profits.  Therefore, you should see to it that the network you choose is one that has a protective system.

Efficiency is what you should aim for when you are in the process of choosing a network for your business.  If the system does not at all improve operations in terms of efficiency, then you may as well look for another network.  Efficient operations mean increased productivity without having to raise the amount of expenses.  If you have a network that realizes this, you could be sure that your profits would grow at an amazing rate.  Your business, in general, would also become stronger in the process.  This would put you at a more competitive situation, which could then spell better chances of more profits.

Another important aspect that should be looked into is whether the network requires minimal human intervention or not.  As much as possible, you should not choose one that demands frequent human interface for it to operate well.  If you happen to pick a network that does demand this, then you would have to allocate more money to pay for the labor.  Even if the ultimate result is increased productivity, optimizing profits would not be possible because you would have to deduct the expenses for labor.  There are networks that do not require much human intervention and these are the ones that should be your most likely choices.

As a businessman, it is clear that the cost of the network is a very important thing.  When you choose one, it is expected that you would look into its price first.  However, even as you try to get yourself a network that is not very expensive, you should also avoid buying one that is not of good quality.  Quality is determined by the factors mentioned in the previous paragraphs, which are security, efficiency, and less need for human intervention.  You should choose one that is not expensive but should not compromise the said factors.

Tips on How to Deal with Wireless Network Interference

It is important that before you set up your wireless network you have to understand fully how it works. There are some limitations and there are advantages to where and how to are able to set up your router and modem. You can avoid any interference if you are able to learn the different things that might cause it. There are a few things that you need to remember in setting this up. First it is important that you position your wireless router in the right location that is central in your home or office. The walls might interfere with the signal of your wireless network so it is important that you put your router in a location that makes it easy to reach all the different areas of your home that need wireless network.

In setting up your router don’t place it on the floor or any metal objects because this might interfere with the signal of your wireless network. Not being able to place your router in the highest point of your home might limit its maximum reach. You will only be getting a weak connection if you are not able to place the router in its proper location. Prepare a long LAN chord so that you will be able to choose a different location for your wireless router even away from your modem.

If you need a strong connection and wider range you can consider replacing your router’s antenna. Upgrade your standard antenna into a high gain one and enjoy a much wider reach of your wireless network. To do this you much check your router model because it might not have a removable antenna. If you haven’t bought a wireless router yet look for those models that have a removable antenna so that you have options on how you want your wireless network range should be.

If you are using a laptop that doesn’t contain any wireless antenna you should consider on replacing the one you use if you continue to have problems because it might be the cause of your weak signal. Look for a hi-gain external antenna for your device so that you can enjoy your internet connection better. You can also consider on adding a wireless repeater if your router is not enough to cover all the space in your home or office. The repeater will strengthen and widen the range of your wireless network. You also need to change your wireless channel so that you can find the one that works best in your location. There are other options with connecting your laptop to the internet, one such option is clear. This los angeles web design company is very fond of using their service to demonstrate all sorts of new possibilities that are now available via 4GLTE.  The founder emailed me a clip showing how fast the new iphone 5 is now. In fact at current 16 mbits its faster than my home wired internet! All of this new capability bring on further security issues.

The most important thing to remember is that you should set a username and a password for your wireless network because there might be some other individual with talent that could hack and use your internet without your permission and affecting your internet connection without you knowing it. A password can help you eliminate those unwanted user of your wireless network. Make sure that you also check for any updates and latest software for your router to improve its performance.

Understanding How the Network Access Server Works

Technology today is just one example of how far the development has been today. The internet is one of its greatest feats. This has made people’s lives so convenient because of the option that it gives. You can now shop online, you can book a ticket online, you can talk to people even from other countries online and much more. There are just limitless possibilities on what you can do with the help of internet. There are a lot of business that rely on the internet on their daily transaction and they use a network access server to create a bunch of computers be connected online with the help of modems and router. There are a lot of ways on how to set up this network access server but once you are able to get use to it, there are a lot of other ways to be able to connect online.

There are experts that are able to offer their services in setting up the network access server or more commonly known as NAS. It can either be for personal purposes but there are also some that want it on a commercial type. There is an option that you can allow or deny access to your network with the help of the local authentication. There are a lot of people who slowly understand how everything works.

There are a lot of people who just instantly hire an expert to help them instantly set it up. It is also very important to give control to the owner to be able to monitor all the people who are accessing the internet through your network. Considering on opening a computer shop which offers internet to its user is a good business plan. You will be able to earn money just by standing by a helping others learn how to use the internet and other location.

There are some guides that are available online if you are confident enough on your skill and knowledge you can also try your hand in installing and creating a good network access server. There are a lot of people who are interested in how you successfully set up a bunch of computer in one server. There are a lot of people who are willing to pay just learn new things just to be that are to find a way to set up their own network. It is easy to fix if you have an idea what goes where. If you really want to become good at it you need to spend time learning it and be able to do what most experts are able to do. You can even earn money from this kind of skill because there are a lot of people who would want to have your services.

You can start learning the basics and just work your way up. You need to work online and gather enough information that you need from other experts. There are some updates that might be available and you need to be able to know what it does to the network and how to incorporate it on the old one that you have already assembled.

How to Get Rid of Spyware in Your Computer


Spyware is like a terrorist on your computer. It is malicious software created to be installed on your computer without your permission or knowledge. It will run unnoticeably on your computer while gathering information about your day to day behavior. With the use of your computer, it will transmit all your valuable information back to the company where it originates. Furthermore, there are numerous forms of spyware that launch pop-ups. With these, you really need to have a good idea on how to get rid of spyware on your computer as well as how to block pop –ups.

On the other hand, keep in mind that spyware does not self-replicate. With this, it only means one thing; you need to perform any actions on your computer to get infected. The actions vary depending on the type of applications you will use. These actions include an installation of a plug-in for you to view a website or installing different types of software applications.

Spyware that infests a person’s computer comes unnoticeably bundled with another type of required software which includes time and weather program, toolbar or any free downloads you have done. There are also companies that created free software such as weather forecasting tool software called a Weatherbug and a file sharing tool software called Kazaa which are being paid by many advertisers to conceal a certain type of spyware during their free software download. During your installation, the spyware is also being installed without the consent of millions of end-users.

There are so many spyware-laden free software applications and packages. These applications include 180 Solutions, Realplayer media player, Weatherbug, Cool Web Search, Internet Optimizer, Download Accelerator Plus, MyWebSearch Toolbar, GoZilla,  HuntBar / WinTools, FlashGet, Kazaa, Grokster and a lot more. These are only a few of the many software applications that became a spyware transporter. You need to be very careful when using these free software applications if you don’t want your computer to get infected.

User-friendly Spyware Removal Programs

There are two popular spyware removal programs that you can use. These are the Ad-Aware Personal and Spybot Search and Destroy.

Spybot Search and Destroy: Spybot is considered as the most widely used free anti-spyware software applications presently available. Spybot is continuously being updated in order to detect the newest possible threats of a spyware. This software is very simple and easy to use. You just need to follow a few simple steps when you first open this kind of anti-spyware application. It is a highly recommended anti-spyware software that will work by scanning and removing spyware being detected on your computer.

Ad-Aware Personal: Ad-Aware is a famous anti-spyware software application. It will scan and eradicate all present spyware in your computer.  This is another effective anti-spyware application you can use together with Spybot Search and Destroy. However, if you are still in doubt with its effectiveness, there is no harm if you will choose to run two anti-spyware applications. There are some individuals who claimed that one anti-spyware application is not enough in removing all unwanted intruders on their computers.


Some Popular Computer Viruses You Should Stay Away From

The wide use of the internet has grown tremendously these days because this is where people can get a lot of information, a place for socializing, and even a place to conduct business. Online shopping these days is so popular, and so goes the growth of internet fraud and scam. People who are shopping online have high tendencies of getting into internet fraud when they pay through credit cards and exposed to hackers and people with ill motives to having their credit card data stolen. They are also exposed to websites who do nothing but cheat their clients through their contents that are scam and unreal.

The internet is very useful to people and this is a very good platform for getting information and also easy access to anything they need. Online business and online buying has grown extensively, giving a lot of opportunities to legitimate business people and easy access for consumers to acquire whatever they want, and in a convenient manner. However, possible hackers and ill motivated people have also gained access to these easy and convenient ways and methods. This also goes with programmers who do nothing but ill motivated methods and write viruses to send to internet users.

For the user, prevention and safe use of the internet has to be done. Viruses and malwares can come in many different ways. It can be safe not to click on emails sent to you without having knowledge on who is the sender. When using USB flash drive, care has to be done also, and it is safe not to have somebody else’s flash drive to be plugged into your computer. This gadget may have been used in another computer that is infected and the infection can spread to other computers the flash drive is plugged into.

It is a fact that viruses of all kinds are dangerous and can damage any computer. There can be no single virus kind that can infect more and all kinds of viruses have to be prevented from entering and infecting your computer. These viruses have the potentials to infect some or all of your files. It will be better to install an anti virus program into your computer. This can provide protection, and there are even free anti virus programs available free on the internet. However, for added protection, you can have those already with a price because viruses are also getting more modern and high-tech. Having a firewall also can help, but do not install two firewalls because this will not help.

Observe your computer very carefully and when you see that it runs very slowly or it will constantly restart, there is a possibility that viruses have infected this unit. If it will not respond or it just freezes and no response at all, possibilities of the unit being infected by viruses are high. There is nothing that can guarantee that your unit will not get infected, but the anti virus program can help to a certain point. Viruses should be avoided by not clicking on pop-ups and anything you are not sure of. However, if it is already infected, have an expert see your unit.

All About the Network Access

The internet can be a good platform for a lot of people because of the ease in getting information and also getting access to stuff and others. Buying online is also getting so much importance because of no hassles and also having lesser efforts exerted when people acquire things they need. Easy access is the key, and this makes online selling even getting more popular. However, security can be a problem because when you buy online you provide your credit card information. This can make possibilities for the information accessible to possible hackers who have bad intentions and ill motives.

Having a computer program that can make the entire information safe, without having potential hackers getting access to the information, will be the most ideal to have. When you have this, sending out your credit card information will no longer expose this to persons with bad motives. Having this computer program with lesser probabilities that people can intercept your credit card information, it will give you that sense of security, that people will not get access to your information. When you put something important on the internet and you have this computer program, you will have this sense of full security that something very important will not be taken away from you.

The internet is also giving ease in kids getting accessibility in whatever they need and information they want from the web. It is a fact that many children, especially those in wealthy nations, have their own computers or tablets. This will make them more exposed to getting easy access to anything they want. Although the internet provides them with all the available resources they probably need, it will also get them more exposed to not so good things. They may experience cyber bullying and other negative exposures on the net.

It may be better that you have an agreed list on the things that can be done by your kids, when they use the net. It will be better that you advise them not to give their personal information when they use the net. Monitoring your kids when they are accessing the net will be more advisable. For kids, it will be better that you can see them when they are accessing the net for information. Do not allow them to use computers while inside their rooms so you can have easy monitoring. While this can be better to provide them security so that they will not experience negative experiences while on the net, it can also be better for their over all protection.

Identity theft is not unusual in the internet, and people have heard of all kinds of scandals, gossips, and damaged reputations caused to people, and all these happen when people are accessing the internet. Thus, sharing of information has to be done with so much caution because you can never be sure that unscrupulous people will get access to information you shared. Kids have to be cautioned regarding these things because they are those very much vulnerable. Kids have to be cautioned regarding information they shared on the social media.