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We enable the secure transfer of Covid-19 test results and vaccine certificates straight back to individuals.

The universal Private Digital Health Pass is here.

Assure your workspace

Countries, people and industries

Let’s break down the pandemic barriers and regain freedom.
We’re here to help overcome the pandemic restrictions and increase prosperity.

Economic and industrial growth

Verified health so people can travel

Increased activities and individual wellbeing

Connected, interoperable health solutions 

We help Governments, trade bodies and industries around the world respond to the emerging risks of personal data sharing. Our current work with laboratories enables the private and secure transfer of sensitive data.


Empower healthy people

Now activities can restart, people can together and safely interact

We manage sensitive data at the point of care and the point of transaction so activities can begin again with peace of mind. Activities like going to the match, or booking a flight, for example require a verified health status:

Digital Covid-19 test results and vaccine certificates 

Private and secure digital proof for universal use

Worry-free, safe travel minimising delays and quarantine times


Data privacy standards matter

Consentry frees businesses from the burden and challenges of distributing sensitive data. So that services for events, airlines, retail, and hospitality can be offered securely and privately and with your full consent.
Authorised to handle medical data in US, UK, Iceland and Netherlands and provide Covid data services globally.