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We enable the secure transfer of Covid-19 test results and vaccine certificates straight back to individuals.

The universal Private Digital Health Pass is here.

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Let’s break down the pandemic barriers and regain freedom

We help governments and industries around the world respond to the emerging data privacy risks. We work with manufacturers and laboratories to provide secure digital Covid-19 solutions.


Now businesses can reopen and people can safely interact

We enable sensitive data to be shared privately and securely and with user consent, so activities can begin again with peace of mind.

AI-verfied Rapid Antigen test results

Laboratory verified PCR test results

Vaccine certificates and Antibody test results coming soon

Ensure fast, private and secure digital Covid results for multiple uses and safer interactions.

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Data privacy standards matter

Consentry helps alleviate the burden and challenges of handling sensitive data. Services for the travel, leisure and events industries can be offered securely, and privately, and with the individual’s full consent.
Authorised to handle medical data in US, UK, Iceland and Netherlands and provide Covid data services globally.