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It’s time to move forwards. Get ahead with a verified pass for Covid test and vaccine results.

The universal Private Digital Health Pass is here.

Assure your workspace

Countries, people and industries

Let’s break down the pandemic barriers and regain freedom.
Risk and safety management for businesses that’s free for citizens. Helping to overcome the pandemic restrictions and increasing prosperity.

Minimal virus risk and spread

Economic and industrial growth

Verified health so people can travel

Increased activities and individual wellbeing


Your ticket to travel and connect is here

Empowering healthy people to safely interact again.

Going to work, catching a movie, or flying to your favourite happy place. Certified health and secure tools:

Covid test results or vaccination 

Private and secure digital proof for universal use

Peace of mind that spaces and locations are risk free


We are the industry experts

Consentry connects health and research expertise with other industries like airlines, insurance, retail, and hospitality bringing an individual’s data securely together – contact us for more partnership options. 
Authorised to handle medical data in US, UK, Iceland and Netherlands and provide Covid data services globally.