Healthy people,
safe locations

Private and secure way for companies to understand Covid-19 risk in their workspaces, keep staff, customers and visitors safe and maintain maximum productivity.

Monitoring locations instead of people.

Assure your workspace

Assure your workspace

Minimise virus impact together, with anonymised employee and visitor intelligence. Create a healthier workforce and safer work environment without breaching employee privacy.

Consentry enables businesses to:

Monitor locations and keep them safe without breaching individuals' privacy

Create a safer environment built on individual responsibility towards the community

Identify at-risk locations and take action to minimise any virus spread

Ensure all data is handled privately and securely and in compliance with local legislation (e.g. GDPR, CCPA)

Meet your duty of care, legal and commercial needs through proactive, privacy respecting risk management

Here’s how it works

Here’s how it works

Staff stay healthy and help to keep the location open by:

Carrying out a daily in-app health self-assessment

Consenting for their anonymised health self-assessment – but no other personal data – to be shared with locations they visit

QR code check-in/out creates a location diary to help contact tracing if needed

Private alerts to individuals suspected of being exposed to any locations deemed infected

Visit the individuals page for more details.

Here’s how it works
Use anonymised data to:

Use anonymised data to:

Enable individuals to order tests and securely own their results

Spot footfall trends in your locations

Pinpoint potential hotspot development

Count how many people are exposed to an infected location

Both businesses and individuals can help prevent the virus spread and reduce the risk of infection.

The more data people anonymously share, the safer the workspace is for everyone

Individual app

Individual app

Self-assessments, test kits and results, location diary and status updates

Business dashboard

Business dashboard

Anonymous insights, alerts and status services

Build a confident workforce and protect your facilities


Next steps for your employees

Download and set up the Consentry app

Input daily self-assessments

Check-in/out via QR code to company locations

Consent to share data anonymously with workplace and contribute to a safer working environment


Next steps for your company

Configure company locations and align to policies

Set-up employees, dashboards and reports

Inform your staff, managers and reception/security staff

Register and download in-house location QR codes posters

Using the Consentry location safety feature is the most effective way to look after your business’s most valuable assets – its people.

Set up your free trial today.

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