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The team and services

Consentry is brought to market by teams whose combined technology and expertise is achieving real business results

The team hold a wealth of expertise as leaders in the personal data privacy industry and a background in data security technology. Coupled with adept partners in health innovation and secure data analytics, Consentry was formed to address the market gap for private-by-design secure Covid solutions.

Partnering with DTACT, experts in secure data analytics and intelligence, and Healthmark for their innovation in consumer health testing services provides the winning combination for industry and individuals.

As passionate mentors and advisors in personal data innovation, the teams support governments, industries and communities providing security-focused, interoperable solutions that are designed to empower people with their data.

Visit the website and meet the partner teams at and the Australian Data Exchange who make the impossible possible with the art of privacy-centred data sharing.

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Consentry is owned by Limited, with headquarters in the UK, and offices in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Netherlands, USA and Australia. is authorised to facilitate the safe sharing of cross-category and sensitive data types such as medical and financial personal data.
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