Protect yourself
and your colleagues

Your privacy is your right, even in your workspaces

With Consentry

With Consentry

The knowledge is in your hands, helping to keep you healthy

Learn whether you have been exposed to Covid-19 at locations you have visited

All data is private and anonymous, and your name will not be shared with organisations, employers or colleagues.

Clear national and business specific instructions and advice are offered if you receive an exposure alert

Key features

Key features

Keep your personal health monitoring private and secure

Share personal health assessments with your organisation anonymously

Keep track of locations visited by adding QR entry and exit scans to your own location diary

Review history of locations visited in your own location diary

Order your test kit and privately receive the results

Key features
How does it work?

How does it work?

Setting up and using the system is done via your Consentry app, which means it’s entirely private and only you can see the entries.

Once you’ve completed the quick set up you can:

Log your daily Covid health-assessment

Check the health of a location before entering

Review your health self-assessment and location diary history

Setting up your app

Here’s the simple step-by-step guide to setting up your app and services.

1. Download app and scan your company issued QR code. That’s it! You’re done!

2. You can enter your health self-assessment or scan a QR code to check-into a location

3. To help keep your workplace safe, you can consent to share your health self-assessments with your employer - answer “Yes” to sharing your data anonymously at the end of your first health self-assessment.

(Sharing is optional, the data never leaves your device without your consent)
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