Protect yourself and your colleagues 

Protect yourself
and your

Your access wherever you go

Proof of your health and safer all round for everyone


Act responsibly and do more

Follow these simple steps and regain your freedom

Get your vaccination certificate and easily use it

Order your test kit and privately receive the results

Share personal health assessments with your organisation anonymously

Monitor your personal health privately and securely

Keep track of locations visited by adding QR entry and exit scans to your location diary

Review history of locations visited in your own location diary

Get your health pass and move about freely whether it’s for work, family or fun.

With Consentry

Sharing is caring

Knowledge is in your hands, helping to keep you, and those around you healthy

Get peace of mind with tests results on hand. (Results are private to you and shared with your local health authority if positive)

 All data is private and anonymous, and will not be shared without your express consent

Clear national and business specific instructions and advice are offered if you receive an exposure alert

With Consentry
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Data donor social good initiative for vaccine efficacy. 

Donating your data

Take part in community projects to help monitor and improve vaccination efficacy, ultimately it can help save lives.

Anonymously use your data for social good:

Anonymously share your vaccine details

Share your daily Covid health-assessment

Share other health insights anonymously


Setting up your app

Here’s the simple step-by-step guide to setting up your app and services.

1. Download app and scan your company issued QR code. That’s it! You’re done!

2. You will receive results directly to your private app

3. To help keep everyone safe, you can consent to share your health self-assessments

(Sharing is optional, the data never leaves your device without your consent)
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How to arrange a test within the app

Simple step-by-step guide to setting up your app and services.

1. Download app and scan your test kit QR code

2. Do the test, then either send it off or wait for the results

3. Results and certificates are provided within the app

(Sharing is optional, the data never leaves your device without your consent)