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Infinitely scalable 
digital test results

Intelligent technology helps Covid-19 manufacturers to get ahead of the competition with digital home-based rapid antigen test kits.

Home tests - fast, convenient and secure results for customers, straight to a user’s smartphone.

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Covid test manufacturers and distributors can enhance their services using AI-based technology.

We provide the technology and handle personal data privacy for fast and accurate results.

Great for both individuals and industries.

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Consentry partners with enabling fast and simple digital test results for multi-use. The scanning software is quick to setup and works with any lateral flow test kit.

Scans tests direct to the user’s app for immediate results

Unique scanning software for greater accuracy

Works with any line or colour-based rapid test

Compatible with swab, saliva, blood or urine based samples

Interoperable platform compatible with any health authority approved tests

Secure personal app provides multiple test results and digital certificates calibration
Certifications and accreditations