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We are your privacy experts, wherever you go

We enable labs and manufacturers to digitise their test results and certificate processing.
We take away the personal data burden, enhance your offerings and shorten your time to market.
Contact us to help meet your regulatory, safety and compliance obligations.

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We handle the data, you focus on the solution

With access to more personal data with more privacy and full consent you can:

Provide medical grade compliant solutions

Meet the GDPR requirements without changing your practices

Access interoperable multi-dimensional data

Offer consent and user driven engagement

Get to market faster

Benefit from our standards, certifications and industry expertise

We take care of the complexity of handling personal data, so you don't have to.

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Partnership opportunities

Partnerships and types of integration include:

Testing facilities

Vaccination results

Research institutions

AI / BI companies focused on Covid solutions

Health passport certification authorities

Governments, global institutions and business unions

Talk to us today, we enable test results and digital processing for both laboratories and manufacturing organisations.

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Donating data

Consentry can help to do good on both a local, national and global basis.

By offering anonymised, standardised datasets

Sharing personal health data with consent for specific use

Directly engaging the data provider in the process

Send your proposal and let’s see what difference we can make.

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Data donor social good initiative for vaccine efficacy. 

Consentry is supported by our international partners:

Australia | AD Exchange
USA, UK, Bosnia & Herzegovina |
Netherlands | Healthmark
Singapore | DTACT