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Reopening doors 

Your test results enable you to access your workplace, a flight, or even a restaurant, and this verification is quickly provided automatically from the lab to your device. We can supply all types of tests and certificates from PCR, Lateral flow antigen, and other types of rapid testing.

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Why do I need to be tested?

Testing confirms if you’re infectious, and your results help:

Manage the risks to you and others

Save critical time and self isolate sooner, if you test positive

Peace of mind for negative results

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Privacy is at the heart of all that we do

Results are provided to you privately 

Only if you test positive, are your results shared with your national contact tracer (in accordance with the law)

All data is private and anonymous and will not be shared with third parties

You choose to share your health status with third parties

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Test kits and data privacy
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Consentry is owned by, global leaders in data privacy.
Test kits are distributed and manufactured locally.
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