Healthy people and safe locations

Safely return your staff to the workplace with Consentry for work. 

Manage your Covid-19 risks efficiently, keep everyone safe and maintain your productivity - by monitoring locations instead of people.


Assure your workspace

Minimise virus risks with anonymised employee and visitor intelligence

Keep locations safe without breaching individual’s privacy​ 

Create a safer environment built on individual responsibility towards the community  

Identify at-risk locations and take action to minimise any virus spread ​ 

Handle data privately and securely and in compliance with legislation (e.g. GDPR, CCPA) ​ 

Meet your duty of care, legal needs through privacy respecting risk management

Build a confident workplace protecting people and facilities



Configure company locations and align to policies

Enrol employees, activate dashboards and reports

Inform your staff, managers and reception/security staff

Register and download in-house location QR codes posters



Download and set up the Consentry app 

Input daily self-assessments

QR code location or zone check-in

Consent to share anonymous insights and contribute to a safer working environment


Looking for solutions to help you manage your clients or staff Covid-19 risks, including tests results and vaccines, get in touch with us today.